Thank you, Venus and Serena

I’m sitting here watching the 2017 Australian Open women’s final between Venus and Serena Williams and I’m weeping. Growing up, my father would watch tennis regularly, particularly during the Grand slam tournaments.  I would casually peek up from whatever book that I was reading at the time to observe the matches but never really paid…

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history repeating.

you can feel it coming so familiar not yet arrived but heavy on your spirit / marching towards you your joy your sisters quivering / you remember harriet and nat and sojourner and bayard and all the mommas who straightened their backs bent from the weight of burying their babies calling you you you step forth.…

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So Proudly We Hailed

As the last passengers filtered out of the jet bridge, my dad had to subdue his panic. Did she board the right flight? Where could they be? Are they okay? And just as fear began to flood his chest, my mom’s tiny frame slid into view with my one-year-old self tucked in her arm. She would later explain that she had intentionally waited for everyone else to exit before attempting to juggle an infant and all her belongings. We had arrived safely.

It was my first day in America.

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