When A Surgeon Asks About Chinese Chicken

The first time I had General Tso’s Chicken was in college. Before that, I hadn’t ever heard of it. It was served at Grace’s Café, a mom and pop Chinese restaurant located on Duke University’s central campus that has since closed shop. It was battered, fried, and glazed—in other words, it was something my mom…

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So Proudly We Hailed

As the last passengers filtered out of the jet bridge, my dad had to subdue his panic. Did she board the right flight? Where could they be? Are they okay? And just as fear began to flood his chest, my mom’s tiny frame slid into view with my one-year-old self tucked in her arm. She would later explain that she had intentionally waited for everyone else to exit before attempting to juggle an infant and all her belongings. We had arrived safely.

It was my first day in America.

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