Photographs from the Women’s March in Washington, DC.

I got to the Women’s March around 11 AM, and by then, the protest was already in full swing. I got onto the National Mall around 14th and Constitution Avenue NW, and on Constitution, there was a steady stream of marchers. The place was bumping and packed.

This sign was double-sided, and flipped around, read “Viva La Pussy” on the back.
I’m hopeful this point will get more discussion in the coming days. A lot of the post-election hand-wringing has focused on the Democratic party’s failure to appeal to a certain subset of voters. That will obviously be something the party will need to address in upcoming elections. But a long-term thing to consider is how is it that a party, in an era of a straight-ticket voting, can win the national popular vote by such a large margin and yet control zero elected branches of government. As they say, we need to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

From there, I got moved to the edge of the Mall bordering 14th Street and Madison, as organizers cleared out 14th Street for the main march. Sign game was strong.

Truth. Also notice the squid hat in the top right.
Free Melania.
A view up 14th Street, as protestors began marching down.
An emoji we all need.
This Putin-Trump marionette display took some serious crafting. Also, adorable baby in the bottom right.
This woman saw me snap a picture of her sign, and gave me a wink as she walked by.
A view as the protestors began marching down 14th Street past the African American History Museum. I thought the sign in the center was one of the most artful of the day.
A closer shot of the march. Shoulder-to-shoulder.
A view down 14th Street, from inside the march.
Some more strong signs. “Shed Walls Don’t built Them” took me a second, but that’s probably just because I’m a guy. Also glad the Historian lobby has chosen the right side of history pretty early in the game.

Another cool thing about the march was just how many parents had brought their kids. As a parent, I imagine it’s also a great opportunity to kill a few birds with one stone and just teach your kids about reproductive anatomy, creative profanity, and political activism all at once. They’re going to need to know it anyway, so might as well just do it all in one fell swoop.





At some point, I made it across the street to the west side of 14th Street, closer to the Washington Monument.

A view of the crowd. The diversity of the protest was something powerful to be a part of.
Version 2
This is Not a President

From there, the march slowly moved toward the Ellipse, the park in front of the White House. Here, the state of the sign game remained strong:

One of many middle fingers I saw.
Turns out, the Actuary lobby is united with the Historian lobby.
A woman on the Ellipse.
I’d make this trade too.
Lowest approval rating in modern history, indeed.
Not all signs were political!
The generational diversity at the march was also powerful to see.
Some more good signs.
And more.
And more.
And more.
And more.
This verse doesn’t get cited enough.
I need to get myself a narwhal onesie.
A reminder for the days to come.

Lastly, the numbers aren’t yet final, but it looks like over 500,000 people participated in the Women’s March, and there was not a single arrest. Women should lead any and all protests for the foreseeable future.

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