Get thee to Iceland.

Of the 12 countries I visited in 2016, it was the most surprising and became one of my favorites.

When you get there:

Hike Solheimajokull glacier on the South Coast. You’ll feel like you’re on the moon.
Eat Skyr – the best yogurt ever. Also available for consumption: minke whale and smoked puffin and the world’s best hot dog.
Eat the world’s best hot dog.
Scramble desperately up a large sheet of ice.
Have a staring contest with a beautiful tiny-legged horse.

Thank whiskey for keeping you warm while out in the countryside at 2 a.m. looking for the Northern Lights (that decide to never show up despite the fact that you booked for February because it was “the best time” to see them). Get over it.

[photo not available]

Swim in a hot spring while a geyser erupts behind you.

Understand for the first time what people mean when they say winter can be incredibly beautiful.

Consider uprooting your life to move there (but then change your mind because your mouth refuses to make any Icelandic sounds).

Finally, plan your return trip (for more than two nights this time) and tell everyone you encounter how amazing it is.

Posted by:Gina Brittney Ann

made of cotton and coffee and honey.

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