This is one of my most common views of my son. It’s called “Tummy Time.” As he lies on my chest, I get him to turn his head back and forth and try to climb up.

It’s pretty inspiring to watch him struggle harder to do things I take for granted than I do on most workouts, and it’s gratifying to see him get a little stronger and show a little more energy every day.

The continuity between things he does now and things he did in the womb has been interesting too. Throughout the third trimester we could feel him hiccuping, and he’s kept on doing it since coming out. But now we can see how he reacts: At first he doesn’t realize it’s happening; then he becomes aware of it and it frustrates him more and more that he can’t stop it. It’s very cute to see the cycle again and again and I can’t help but sympathize with him.

Sometimes I get a premonition of the end of my own life being like the beginning of his: struggling to control my body, becoming dependent on others, having indecipherable dreams. I hope someone will be there to care for me and give me some Tummy Time.

Posted by:jsmyth

One thought on “Tummy Time

  1. Thanks for sharing this reflection James. Really makes you wonder how so much beauty can be juxtaposed next to such frailty in a human life. Your little one is adorable too, btw, but that goes without saying.


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